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June 2, 2012
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Sonadow - I Won't Let You Take Him by BlueNeedle-Inu Sonadow - I Won't Let You Take Him by BlueNeedle-Inu
JEEZ. This was a hefty little project to work on - the canvas size was way bigger than what I've usually worked with ^^"

Drawn on SAI. Pen and Blur tools mostly - a bit of use of the Brush and Air Brush tools as well :)

I'm quite proud of the result of this one :D

Who Shadow is pointing the gun at is up to your imaginations.
GUN, Eggman, some demon or monster - who knows.

Enjoy Sonadow fans!
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i love how you used what i am guessing an air brush too to bring dark shadows on the bottom left side. i thought it was a nice contrast that you made the rings glow i mean he must be pretty pissed off right now so they should be glowing from raging power build up heck i was surprised that you weren't doing that while he was taking off his rings because i would want to obliterate the person who did something like that to my love. although it is not that orginal like it all in and all and i going to say this bluntly you have true artistic talent.
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Hi, this is my first critique so I might not be as good as some

The feel of the picture is great, it makes people want to know what was going on to put them in this situation, the shading is perfect and evens everything out, I like the way you made Shadow's face, he's determined to protect Sonic, and the tears and wounds make it better, the glow of his rings give it more light and makes it less plain and dark

so the picture is very clear, not to dark and not to bright, it's suspenseful and dramatic, and overall a really great picture
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I so freakin love this one !
Thank you! Happy to hear that ^^
This looks so amazing. I love how you capture the emotion in your art work.
Thank you hun! yep, it still remains my 'crowning jewel' or so i've nicknamed it :XD: I'm still tossing up if I want to attempt a re-draw meme of this - it most probably won't be for a long while - but it'll happen someday I think. 
Ask-Alene Apr 2, 2014  Student Artist
Sonic was on the quick verge of going unconsious.
Shadow was fending for him with his gun. "i will NOT let you take him commander!"
"hahaha. Like you can take down my infinite army!"
"sh-shad..." sonic whispered, then passed out.
"hand the boy over Traitor."
"What have I done?"
"you were going to destroy mobius!"
"My mind was reworked!"
"Thats what you get." a gray hedgehog exlaimed. "lets get you two outta here."
she took them back there place.
Oh's too much for me XD
I love it!! :love:
:iconblushplz: Thank you hun! Glad to hear that ^^
I saved this pic on my ipad it's that good
:iconcblushplz: Aww thank you~! I'm really flattered to hear that! :iconiloveitplz:
Noprob just saying ever if your no sonadow lover you have to love this pic
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